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There are times when all of us can use a little help from someone who has succeeded. ISCM Mentoring provides one-on-one, group mentoring and project mentoring to help senior management professionals and managers across the supply chain spectrum align themselves with next practices. This mentoring provides advice, counsel, and support on a range of topical areas including: managing a global supply chain, effectively managing services, optimizing a network, setting upan analytics program, running an effective customer centricity program and more. In all areas impacting your profit, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, or any other supply chain goals, ISCM’s Mentoring is your right choice.


ISCM Supply chain management consulting focuses on your most critical issues and opportunities – strategy, operations, technology, digital transformation, analytics, and ESG across all industries. We bring deep, functional expertise, and a holistic perspective.ISCM breaks the barriers between silos of any organization and aligns the supply chains with the organizational strategy.  As a knowledge organization, with deep industry contacts, ISCM research can give you an unbiased view of the state of supply chain, planning, and logistics in the Indian market. 

ISCM consulting practice develops solutions that can be implemented within the constraints that are unique to each organization. This will help the organizations implement change management processes that result in better decisions and optimized operations. Team ISCM has considerable experience and expertise spanning development of strategic vision to functional practices:


When you need to understand the broader trends in the market or look for some causal links, if you want to understand the on-the-ground implications of a regulation change or want to explore a market, ISCM research is your go to partner. The research practice at ISCM explores the frontiers of supply chain knowledge that can be used by the industry to understand the broader trends emerging and evaluate them in the context of the Indian ecosystem. Our deep industry contacts coupled with our research training helps us create usable research reports. Team ISCM has considerable experience and expertise spanning the entire range of value chain decision domains. 

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