ISCM Masterclass

When organizations have a lean team, or have less than five members to train, ISCM periodically offers a range of training programs in a wide range of supply chain topics. These programs have the same rigor as our in-company programs; follow the same case based pedagogy.

Our Programs

Demand Planning & Forecasting

Continuous improvement in demand planning and forecasting is a must for companies using supply chain as a source of competitive advantage. This two day master class will look at  the four pillars of demand planning, forecasting methods, measuring error and bias, understanding variability and how it affects the forecast. 

Supply Chain Management

The ISCM Supply Chain Management Program will help participants explore the critical issues and challenges in a globalized supply chain. It is useful to managers needing a big picture refresher. Participants will gain an insight into supply chain and logistics operations, current issues, industry best practices, strategic challenges, business frameworks, strategy, planning and disruptive technologies impacting supply chains

Integrated Business Planning

The supply chain is a complex system driven by geography, product proliferation and multiple channels. Sensing demand and arriving at  a consensus on the demand numbers are still a challenge to most firms. Firms are also confused about the demand planning process. They are unclear on how to move forward. This masterclass retreat explores the four pillars of demand planning, and executive S&OP. It then introduces the concept of Integrated Business Planning, and prepares a roadmap for firms to embark on a robust IBP process.

Supply Chain Analytics

As supply chain footprint expands, the complexities of decision making increase. Analytical modeling techniques become core to decision making. From network design, forecasting demand, procurement, managing inventories, production planning, to transportation, analytical tools can help firms optimize their operations. Data is no longer a constraint for analytics. Internal and external data sources are increasing exponentially. This program is aimed at providing a framework for applications of analytics in supply chain management, integrating technology, algorithms and processes.

Strategic Warehousing

This one-day intensive retreat will focus on how to effectively develop and implement warehouse strategies to increase productivity, improve customer service, optimize processes, become cost effective and drive profitable business. The retreat will explore the entire warehouse value chain, reimagine warehouse as a business enabler and position yourself to gain sustainable competitive advantage. 

Logistics Strategy

Logistics Management is a comprehensive course designed to equip an aspiring Logistics manager with the necessary conceptual, quantitative, regulatory, and behavioral frameworks to manage a multi modal logistics network across the globe. The coverage includes Logistics Processes, Planning Framework for logistics, Logistics Network Planning Channels of Distribution, Transportation – Multi Modal choices & Logistic Costing

Total Supply Chain Cost

As supply chains grow large and complex, a clear understanding of the cost implications of supply chain is crucial. This course helps managers to evaluate the Total Supply Chain Cost. The topics include Reducing, Eliminating or changing activities that increase costs, Supply Chain Target Costing, Integrating Life Cycle Costing and Life Cycle Assessment for Managing Costs, Transfer Pricing in Supply Chains, Monitoring cost reduction performance.

Strategic Sourcing

The one day workshop on Strategic Sourcing has been specifically designed to equip decision makers with easily usable tools and thus be able to design a robust sourcing strategy for their firms. The workshop will convince the audience to look at sourcing from a much larger vision than that of a set of transactions aimed at minimizing costs.

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