Long Term Interventions to Build Capability

ISCM offers a comprehensive program for your star performers to emerge as a world class supply chain management professional. If you are looking to groom executives who are stepping up as managers or managers transitioning to senior roles, EPSCM can provide the right boost to capabilities and the art of judgment.

ISCM can customize the curriculum based on the industry needs and seniority of the participants. ISCM offers the flexibility to define the curriculum for both mid and senior management profiles.

ISCM invites corporate sponsorship of candidates for EPSCM. By sending your employees, you benefit by:

  1. Having a set of trained personnel who are able to understand, trouble shoot and fix inefficiencies in your supply chain.
  2. Improve employee motivation and job satisfaction levels
  3. Reduce employee attrition
  4. Increase efficiency of your personnel and of your supply chain

Benefits to Corporate Sponsors

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