Supply Chain Prism

ISCM launches a first of its kind thought leadership series – the Supply Chain Prism -an interaction with the world’s leading supply chain and planning experts. Supply Chain Prism will explore perceptions, ideas, and solutions for supply chain management, demand planning, forecasting, and other related fields. In every episode, we will invite a leading global personality, and discuss with them the contemporary challenges and the frameworks underpinning the solutions. Dr. Rakesh Singh Chairman ISCM will host the series as a fireside chat. Supply Chain Prism provides you with a platform to engage with some of the world’s leading professionals and learn from the masters themselves on how they think. You can watch some of our interactions on our link below.

Dr. Rakesh Paras Singh speaks to Stefan de Kok on Forecasting & Demand Planning Under Uncertainty

Dr. Rakesh Paras Singh speaks to Lora Cecere on ‘Why some supply chains perform better than others?’

Dr. Rakesh Paras Singh speaks to Sivakumar S. on ‘Managing the Agri Supply Chain’

Dr. Rakesh Paras Singh speaks to Chad Smith on ‘Demand Driven Supply Chain’