Short Duration Programs

Whatever your need – develop new skills in your team, upgrade the team to best in class knowledgebase or prepare them for a larger role in the firm, this is the right time and ISCM has the right program.

What We Do

We offer in-company workshops tailored to suit your bespoke training needs. We do this as both short programs of one to three days and long duration programs of up to a year. Our faculty are a mix of academicians and practioners, who bring in cross industry perspective to the training.

Areas of Focus

ISCM focuses on the core areas of supply chain Management,

  • Managing Supply Chains During Disruptions
  • Driving value, alignment and ESG
  • Supply chain Performance Management
  • Connected Planning & Forecasting, S&OP, and IBP
  • Logistics Management
  • Distribution, Inventory and Warehouse Management
  • Supply Chain Cost Management
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Managing Digital Supply Chains

Our Differentiators

  • Completely customized to your specific industry and firm
  • Contemporary curriculum that is constantly updated to meet emerging needs
  • Mentored by a pool of expert faculty, with academic and industry experience
  • Case based pedagogy with scenario analysis
  • Interactive classroom where participants can interact with the faculty and each other
  • Customizable duration – one day to a year
  • Comprehensive pre-reading material and post session assignments.
  • Evaluation and certifications

Customized for your company

We help you build expertise in the areas that matter most to your organization and career. Our course designers will examine your current practice, explore global best practices, fill gaps in your knowledge, and enhance your effectiveness.

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