Transformational Leadership In Supply Chain during disruptions

The Pandemic has forced organizations to deal with disruption and helped them build speed, agility, and resilience into their supply chains. Supply chain leaders have been forced to create a new supply chain operating model – one that challenges all dimensions of decision making. As Supply chain leaders look ahead, they need to ask themselves how they can create a supply chain that will keep the customers happy and bottom line healthy. CSCOs need to consolidate the experiences from the disruption and create an agile, resilient model that integrates the learnings of the past six months. They need to create a vision of the future that will embrace the changes of the past and be ready for the challenges of the future.

ISCM brings to you some of India’s Supply Chain Leaders who are transforming their organizational supply chains for a better tomorrow, on a single platform to share their perspectives.

  • Creating a Brave New World – Supply chain vision for the future – strategy for building critical roles and capabilities.
  • Supply chain of the future: Integrated, digital, andagile
  • Redesigning supply bases,securing supply and managing global risk
  • Planning for the new normal: integrating resilience into our planning and execution processes.

The Senate which will start at 3 pm in the evening will have 20 plus transformational leaders discuss their approach and the brave new world of resilient supply chains based on the above themes

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