ISCM Corporate Training - Building Supply Chain Capability

When faced with a talent crunch, the best way is to equip your existing staff to perform better and shoulder higher responsibilities. Your employees will require different training depending on their role, current skills, and the potential career development.  

ISCM offers both long and short duration programs tailored to suit specific corporate training needs. The long duration programs are best for building knowledge and skills for emerging supply chain roles, tailored to suit the firm, and builds capabilities for the future challenges.

In company Training

Building capability in supply chain and planning teams with customized programs, delivered exclusively for the firm.

Customised Certifications

Short duration programs for specific interventions

Open Programs

ISCM periodically offers a range leadership retreat and masterclass on a wide range of supply chain and planning topics for smaller teams and individuals. 

ISCM Leadership Retreat

ISCM Masterclass in niche supply chain domains

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